When you think of luxurious cities in Colorado, a couple easily come to mind. Aspen, Telluride, Vail, and Cherry Hills Village are just a few examples. What those cities and towns have in common, is that they are all established luxury towns.

The state of Colorado has a few up-and-coming luxury cities that have made the list on Architectural Digest and one of them is really going to surprise you.

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Architectural Digest compiled a list of 115 up-and-coming cities that are bound to be luxurious at some point in time. Out of the 115 cities and towns, Colorado had five locations on the list. This rising luxury city ranking is based on property rankings data, percentages of properties listed or sold over $1 million, Yelp reviews of luxurious locations and the number of locations in the cities, and more.

Colorado's Emerging Luxury Cities May Totally Surprise You

Five Colorado cities made the list of top emerging luxurious cities in the United States. We'll be honest, some of these cities may surprise you.

Gallery Credit: Matt Sparx

We could see Colorado Springs, Colorado making that list. However, Pueblo? Not that there is anything wrong with the city, but it has been known for agriculture and infamously known for auto thefts and crime over the years.

See the full list of the top emerging luxurious cities in America on Architectural Digest. Does this list surprise you? We would love to hear your feedback.

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