I have never met a single child, including myself, who didn't love dinosaurs. Not once. Ever. Dinosaurs are awesome and for the longest time, Jurassic Park was one of my all-time favorites and still is to this day.


Did you know Colorado has an official dinosaur?

As a child, I had grandiose dreams of finding a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull in my backyard. I never dug up the yard because my dad would have had a fit, but I dreamed about finding one. Colorado has a rich history of dinosaur fossils in the state and there is even a town dedicated to dinosaurs.

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Located on the western slopes of Colorado near the Utah border is a small town with a population of 243 people. The town's streets that run north to south all have dinosaur names and are near the Dinosaur National Monument.


The town's name is none other than Dinosaur, Colorado. The town's name was not always Dinosaur. According to Wikipedia, the town has had numerous names like Baxter Springs, and Artesia. In 1966, the town's name officially changed to Dinosaur, Colorado.

So if you are planning a Colorado road trip this summer and want to stop at the Dinosaur National Monument, you might want to take a trip to Dinosaur, Colorado. You never know what fun things you might find in this tiny western Colorado town located in Moffatt County.

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