One lucky Colorado resident is now a millionaire this week after purchasing a Colorado lottery ticket. According to 9 News, the winner hit the Colorado Lottery jackpot with a total winning amount of $7,860,854.

The winning lottery ticket was sold at a convenience store in Northeast Colorado for Wednesday night's drawing. The location where the winning ticket was sold is just nine miles west of the Colorado-Nebraska state line in Yuma County.

Odds of Winning the Colorado Lottery

While the odds are kind of low to win any prize from the Colorado Lotto at one in thirty, the chance of hitting the full jackpot is one in 3,838,380. Even with odds such as this, they are still better odds than nationwide games such as the Powerball or Mega Millions. Those odds are one in hundreds of millions.

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When it comes to knowing who won the $7.8 million Colorado lottery jackpot, we may never know who it is. The Colorado Lottery allows everyone who wins the opportunity to remain anonymous. Which is nice, because everyone and their mother would be coming to look for a slice of the winnings.

When the winner eventually claims the prize, they might be looking for a luxurious new place to live. If you happen to be the winner of the Colorado Lottery jackpot, take a look at some of these houses that are currently for sale in the state of Colorado.

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