Who doesn't love a good list? Recently, RoadSnacks.com released its annual list of the richest counties in the state of Colorado. The data used to compile this list was formulated by Saturday Night Science and the most recent Census.


The data is broken down into median income and median home prices in the county ranked from richest to poorest. These are the five richest counties in the state of Colorado.

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Eagle County Colorado

Eagle County ranks fifth on the list of the richest counties in the state. Eagle County has a population of 55,693. The median income for residents of Eagle County is $91,338 and the median home price is $640,400.

Elbert County Colorado

Elbert County is the fourth richest county in the state of Colorado with a population of 25,897. Median income in Elbert County is the second highest in the state with $114,904 and a median home price of $538,800.

Summit County Colorado

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains is the third richest county in Colorado. Summit County has a population of 31,042 and a median income of $93,505. Median home prices in Summit County are the second most expensive at $641,900.

Pitkin County Colorado

Another Rocky Mountain County comes in second in the richest counties of Colorado list. Pitkin County is home to Aspen, Colorado and this little mountain town plays a big factor in the county's richest ranks. Pitkin County has a population of 17,471 and a median income of $92,708. As you can imagine the prices of Aspen real estate play a major factor in housing prices and brings Pitkin County the total of the most expensive median home prices by county in Colorado at $730,300.

Douglas County Colorado

The richest county in Colorado for 2023 is Douglas County. This county is home to cities such as Parker, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, and Lone Tree. Douglas County has a large population of 351,929 and the sixth-highest median home price of $540,000. Residents of Douglas County have the highest median income on the list with $127,443.

Other Colorado counties that have made the top 10 list of richest counties in the state include Boulder, Broomfield, Routt, Jefferson, and Gilpin Counties. To see more about the richest counties in the state of Colorado, visit RoadSnacks.com.

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