A new year brings new opportunities. Some of those opportunities may be starting a family or moving your family to somewhere that offers better education and future opportunities for your children.

Some parents may be considering moving to or from Colorado depending on many factors. Recently, released a list of the best and worst states to raise a family in the United States. Of course, we want to know where Colorado ranks compared to the rest of the nation.

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Wallet Hub used five factors to rank each state in the nation. As with any ranking, one state will be on top as the best place to raise a family and one state will be dead last. So, where does Colorado rank with these deciding factors? Let's first take a look at what those categories are.

  • Family Fun Rank
  • Health and Safety Rank
  • Education and Chile Care Rank
  • Affordability Rank
  • Socioeconomics Rank

Is Colorado Still a Good Place to Raise a Family in 2024?

Wallet Hub places Colorado not in the top states, however, our state is not in the bottom half either. Colorado ranked 18th overall as one of the best states to raise a family in 2024.

When it comes to Wallet Hub's Family Fun Rank, Colorado ranked 7th. Health and Safety Rank was 40th, Education and Child Care Rank is at 36, Affordability Rank was 8th, and Socioeconomic ranking was 22nd.


Massachusetts ranked as the best state overall for raising a family by Wallet Hub. The worst state to raise a family? That state is just right down the road from Colorado on Interstate 25 and our southern next-door neighbor, New Mexico. New Mexico's rankings in four categories, aside from the Family Fun Rank, were all in the bottom tenth percentile.

See the full list of the best and worst states to raise a family in the United States at WalletHub.com.

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