If you’re anything like me, or you’re a human with eyes, you probably love cookies and the dough we use to bake it. Which is fabulous! However, if you're still a human with eyes, then you’ve also probably heard that we’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough. Go figure, raw eggs and flour are not good for us (I know, it’s still a shocker). But because our monkey brains like sweet, soft things, a lot of us still end up sneaking a little—or a lot—of this magical stuff while we’re baking anyway. Because we’re smart like that.

But wait! It turns out that there’s another way! About a month back, our lovely Jess wrote a blog post about her alternative for cookie dough, so that you could eat away without fear of food poisoning and eventual death. And yes, hers is an option you can take. Unless, once again, you’re like me and you either a) can’t stomach the idea that hummus can be cookie dough or b) just really, really, really don’t want to go through the process of making fake cookie dough. In which case, I’m here to tell you that there’s ANOTHER another way. And this one takes considerably less personal effort, as long as you’re willing to make a little sojourn down to Boulder.

Because Boulder, ladies and gentlemen, is where you’ll find Sarah’s Cosmic Cookie Dough, where she’s got you covered on all your edible cookie dough needs. And should it really surprise you to hear me say that it’s healthy, too? Well, as healthy as cookie dough can get, but you can trust Boulder to create something that’s vegan, gluten free, AND paleo. Hey, I didn’t say they weren’t extra, just that they made good cookie dough. In order to fuel all those ultra-marathoners and cookie-lovers out there, Sarah’s cookie dough includes and I quote: “4 clean super foods” including almonds, grape seed oil, cacao and maple syrup; not to mention Himalayan sea salt and pure vanilla. The benefits of these magical ingredients are supposed to include appetite suppression, increased energy and metabolism, improved heart and immune health, and minerals and antioxidants.  Now, that’s enough health benefits to make any hyper-nutritionist look up from their ingredient list for a hot second. And for those of us who just want our new years’ resolutions and to eat them, too, we can easily justify indulging in a pint or two while proudly flying the ‘I eat antioxidants’ flag.

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Finally, Sarah’s cookie dough also comes in three flavor that should cover all your bases: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and Hot Chocolate Chip. You can even order it online if you don’t feel like dealing with I-25 today.

So! Head on down to Boulder and get yourself some cookies to do this guy proud:

Elmo & Cookie Monster on Midweek Morning Show at Children's Hospital Boston
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