A new trail is being built in Hermit Park, located just southeast of Estes Park, with funds awarded by Great Outdoors Colorado.

A chainsaw crew began clearing trees on June 13 from roughly 3 miles of the corridor planned for the new 6-mile, multi-use trail.

"Clearing the corridor is necessary work that needs to happen before the actual trail building begins," said Joel Schwab, trails and open lands project supervisor for the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources, in a statement. "This is slow and often difficult work in the rugged and forested terrain of Hermit Park. The chainsaw crew's hard work will give a huge boost to the new trail construction occurring later this summer."

While construction begins this season, the trail is not expected to be completed for about 2 years. With the help of the LCCC chainsaw crew and other volunteers, it will connect the camping areas at the open space and include new trailheads for access.

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) awarded $40,200 in funds to provide work at Hermit Park this year. GOCO receives a portion of Colorado Lottery Proceeds and awards money to the Colorado Youth Corps Association for use by accredited youth corps, such as the LCCC. The program's goal is to employ youth and young adults ages 14-25 throughout the state on critical outdoor recreation and land conservation projects in conjunction with local governments and open space agencies.

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