A new petition to attempt to recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis has been approved for circulation, according to CBS Denver. This will be the second attempt at a recall since Polis took office.

Gubernatorial Candidate Jared Polis And Colorado Democrats Hold Election Night Event
Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images

The petition is claiming that Polis has abused his emergency powers and exceeded the scope of his office under Colorado's Disaster Emergency Act, particularly by issuing a disaster declaration through executive order as a vehicle to legitimize confining residents to their homes, forbidding travel, closing businesses, and mandating the wearing of masks.

The petition also states that Polis overstepped his bounds and infringed on the role of the legislative branch, citing when he spent 1.6 billion dollars in CARES Acts funds without consultation of the legislative branch of the Colorado government. If you would like to read the petition in its entirety, you can do so HERE.

The group that created the petition has until November 13 to collect a total of 631,266 signatures. According to CBS Denver, no group has ever received the number of signatures required for a recall election of a governor in the state of Colorado.

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Source: CBS Denver 

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