My 3.5 pound chihuahua can do anything. By anything I mean he can swim across North America's largest drainage system, the Mississippi River.

Jaq Jaq is only 5 years old and has already climbed a mountain. When I he came with me on a family vacation a couple weeks ago, I took him to Itasca State Park in Minnesota to swim across the Mississippi River.

To be fair, it was the 20 to 30-feed-wide headwaters of the Mississippi River, which is much smaller than the 11-miles-wide part (the river's widest) near Bena, Minnesota. Lake Itasca is where the Mississippi River originates before flowing 2,320 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

The headwaters are open to the public in Itasca State Park, Minnesota's oldest state park where kids, adults, and animals alike can wade across to claim they "swam across the Mississippi," just like my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq. Years ago my other chihuahua, Buddy, swam across the headwaters of the Mississippi River and I wanted Jaq Jaq to be able to do the same.

My family took the trip there so my little baby could go swimming and, while it was mostly for my enjoyment, he was a natural swimmer and did very well. In fact, he swam across not once, but twice!

Watch the adorable GoPro video below and look at those little legs swim!


    I also teased these curious sunfish with a GoPro in Little Birch Lake near Grey Eagle, Minnesota, while on my vacation.

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