Get this; the folks over at Slate, have come up with a list and an infographic called "The United Steaks of America" where they determine what kind of meat a state would have if it could only have one kind. They pinned Colorado with mutton...I'm not sure I agree.

Some of the basic rules they followed when compiling this list were that no two states can have the same meat, “meat” means mammal, and stews and sandwiches don't count as "meat".

Here's what they had to say about Colorado:

Colorado is the most concentrated lamb feeding state in the country. So why assign it mutton (the meat of an older sheep) instead of lamb? Because mutton is tough and strong, just like Coloradans. (Also, I wanted an excuse to mention that Colorado is the birthplace of “mutton busting,” a rodeo sport in which children cling to the backs of sheep for as long as possible, and one of the most creative uses of animals on this map.)

Maybe it's the fact that I've lived in Colorado my entire life and have only eaten mutton, maybe twice, that I find Colorado's selection on this list a little hard to swallow.

I'll give them a mulligan in that I think they're wanting to mention mutton-busting, was probably the trump card for their list, but in the words of Clara Pellar, "Where's The Beef?"

Maybe I'm jaded because I just like beef better and a nice big juicy steak sounds delicious right now, but what do you think of Colorado's ties with mutton on this Slate list?

Oh well, at least we're not West Virginia, they got pinned with squirrel!