A Colorado senator and rancher is not holding back about the new advertisement from fast-food giant Burger King.

Colorado state senator Jerry Sonnenberg is not happy with the new Burger King advertisement according to Denver 7. The new ad (see below) that Sonnenberg calls a "publicity stunt" and blames for negative attention, could hurt an already hurting industry. The ad in question shows a young man playing guitar and explaining in song the dangers of the gas cows produce and how it pertains to climate change and methane gas emissions.

Senator Jerry Sonnenberg on BrianAllmerRadioNetwork:

Burger King’s new marketing scheme blames cow farts for climate change, when in fact the UNFAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) states that less than 6% of global GHG emissions come from beef cattle.


Sonnenberg has his hands in more than politics raising and feeding about 300 cattle at the family farm. Sonnenberg tells Denver 7 that this year has been "particularly rough for the ranch". While COVID-19 has caused disruptions in the food supply chain, he notes that the hardest part of this year is record heat and drought.

 This is the worst drought I’ve seen in my lifetime. We’ve never had to pull cattle off of grass in July before. You can look around and the grass is brown. This is typically what it looks like in September, not in July.


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