The 95th annual Greeley Stampede is underway, and we all are ready to have the best time in Northern Colorado! And of course, we'll enjoy the food!

Walking around the grounds of the Greeley Stampede this afternoon, my mouth was watering seeing the great food I'll be able to enjoy over the next week. From the corn dogs, to the ribbon fries, and topped off with rocky mountain oysters, my stomach will be full with all of the fair food that I'll pile on.

But one thing I found interesting while walking around today was that there are two vendors that have been featured on the Food Network!

First one that I saw was Nana's Famous BBQ and Grill!

Credit: Justin Tyler/TSQ
Credit: Justin Tyler/TSQ

Nana's is one of the favorites for us here at the radio station, as their chicken and steak on a stick is awesome!!!

They were featured on "Eating America with Anthony Anderson" and I understand why. You can't be at the Greeley Stampede and not stop at Nana's for some great BBQ. So when you get here this year, put this on your list as a MUST DO! That's important!

The second food vendor that has been on the Food Network? Das Brat Haus, who has been featured on Food Network's Carnival Eats for their "Uber Taters"! Mmmm...


I'll admit that I haven't tried the Uber Tater yet, but this is the year that I'll be venturing into the unknown!

Have you tried any of the above vendors? What's your favorite food vendor at the Greeley Stampede?

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