If you're going to have a snack while robbing a house, make sure you finish eating it. This burglar didn't do that, and he (of course) got caught.

Kristian Dee Evans, 33, stopped for a snack halfway through raiding the home of a 22-year-old student from Hong Kong in South Wales but made the mistake of leaving it behind when he fled. When searching for evidence, cops found Evans' DNA covering beef jerky in the home, leading them to the suspect.

Evans was charged with burglary and sentenced to 3 years in prison after he plead guilty.

"Whenever a burglary is reported we use every tool available to us to try and identify a suspect," said Trudi Meyrick, the Detective Inspector who led the investigation. "Forensic technology is an important way of catching burglary suspects and in this case has resulted in us putting the suspect before the court to receive a prison sentence."

This obviously isn't the first time a criminal has been caught eating on the scene. D.C. mansion murder suspect, Daron Wint, 34, was identified when his DNA was found on the crust of a pizza he'd ordered from Domino's on May 13.

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