There is nothing more disappointing than buying a watermelon at the grocery store or farmer's market, taking it home, cutting the watermelon open, and you taste little to nothing at all. This happened to me this weekend. I used the tried and true thumping method. I thought I picked the right one, only to cut into the watermelon and taste the essence of watermelon with a hint of bitterness.

Photo by Floh Maier on Unsplash
Photo by Floh Maier on Unsplash

It turns out my watermelon purchase using my thumping skills let me down. Knocking on a watermelon to see if it sounds hollow isn't the only way to see if the watermelon you are choosing is ripe.

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How to Find a Ripe Watermelon

According to Eagle Eye Produce, there are numerous factors that go into finding a watermelon that is ripe, sweet, and packed full of juicy flavor.  Here's what you should look for in your next seedless watermelon:

  • Uniform and heavy- look for a watermelon that is as round as possible and is heavier than it looks.
  • Orange field spot - a field spot is where the watermelon sat on the ground. An orange spot will be full of flavor. Watermelons with a white spot will have very little taste to them.
  • Large amounts of webbing - webbing on a watermelon may look like a blemish, but in reality, it indicates the sweetness of the watermelon. The webbing may look like dirt, but it's not.
  • Dark and dull - a shiny watermelon looks nice, but it isn't ripe. Search out a watermelon that is dark in color and has dull skin.

If you are more of a visual learner, like I am, take a look at this handy infographic from Eagle Eye Produce to pick out your next ripe, flavorful watermelon.

Pro tip: If you want one of the best watermelons money can buy in the state of Colorado, be on the lookout for Rocky Ford watermelons. These Colorado watermelons should be in stores in the latter part of July. Pick one up this summer if you have never had one. They are simply the tastiest watermelon around.

Source: Eagle Eye Produce

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