Last night my wife and I got to share and experience something about every country music fan wishes they could do...We got to meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hil! at the Pepsi Center in Denver! It is very rare that people live up to your greatest expectations and even surpass them, but these two are even more classy and kind than I could have dreamed.

We were invited to hang out in a "radio room" at the Pepsi Center before the show. It was a room set aside for about a dozen or so of us fortunate 'radio people' to mingle and then get a special opportunity to visit with Tim and Faith.

When we were escorted into the room we were greeted by piles of cheeseburgers and other tasty foods and beverages that radio people would eat. The room looked great and there was a table of Tim and Faith t-shirts there for us to choose from to make sure we had a memento from the evening. We all visited for a bit and then...they came in the room.

Suddenly Faith Hill appeared in the room and you were immediately taken aback by her stunning beauty. She is "Disney princess beautiful" and looks like she cannot be real. She walked up to us and immediately started asking if we all got enough to eat and it was like we had just entered her home as guests. My wife could not stop staring at her and saying "Look at her! She is perfect!".

Tim followed in right behind her and starting working the room from the reverse side of Faith. As he worked his way around the room I could feel the eyes of my wife and our friend Tricia move back and forth from Tim and Faith with their mouths open in awe. Tim walked up to us and gave a handshake that would crush most of the bones in your hand. This man is so damn strong it is unreal. My friend Jack had told Tim about my weight loss and he gave me a big hug and told me how proud I should be and talked about the importance of being there for our children and grandchildren. He was genuine and so supportive and kind. It was an experience none of us in that room will soon forget. Thank you Tim and Faith, for being so gracious and wonderful. What a night!!


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