The Frederick Police Department is seeking your help in naming its newest K-9 partner.

According to the Frederick Police Department Facebook page, the police department recently acquired a 15-month-old Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd crossbreed from a company in Michigan that specializes in pairing officers with K-9 partners.

Originally from Poland and born on Nov. 30, 2019, the newest member of the Frederick Police Department will be trained as a dual-purpose patrol and narcotics detection dog, as the police department is working to re-establish its K-9 unit.

"I'm excited we are bringing back our K-9 program to Frederick," said Frederick Chief of Police Todd Norris. "It's been three years since the retirement of our previous K-9, Buran. The program will help foster community relations and be essential in improving safety for our officers."

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Officer Ian Austin recently went to Michigan to pick out the dog from F.M. K-9, a veteran-owned and operated business.

An officer with Frederick PD, Ian Austin has over 10 years of K-9 experience as a sergeant in Adams County. While in Michigan, Austin tested 12 dogs looking for traits that would best suit Frederick.

The dog that Austin chose stood out for his characteristics relating to courage and sociability.

The newest member of the FPD is adjusting to Colorado life and bonding with officer Austin. The two will undergo eight weeks of training together with a local K-9 Unit before official patrols begin, according to the police department. Once certified, the K-9 will sniff out drugs, search buildings and track suspects.

"Our K-9 program will also bring back vital education demonstrations during community events," said Norris. "I'm looking forward to our annual Fishing Clinic and DIY Day on Saturday, May 15, where we can introduce our new K-9 to our citizens."

You can submit your name suggestions for the new canine here.

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