I admit that I am no stranger to a drive thru. I hit them quite frequently and used to work the drive thru at Hardees when I was in high school. I know my way around making and taking an order. One of the biggest complaints I have about the drive thru, aside from always screwing up my order, is the pounds of condiment packets I end up with at the bottom of the bag. Do they know how to count?

My bosses used to preach to us that those packets cost money and to only give one per sandwich, unless more was requested, to mange food cost properly. Those packets aren't free, yet so often the drive thru worker tosses them out like candy at a parade. My glove box in the car and my junk drawer at home are littered with Taco Bell hot sauce and selected Arby's sauces. I think these are the two main offenders that I have witnessed. I know I have family members who love this and squeeze the packets into a bottle and never have to buy any. Are you inundated with condiment packages? Who is the worst offender to you?

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