Attention doughnut lovers, there will be a new doughnut shop coming to Fort Collins this spring! this isn't just any doughnut shop either, it was featured on the TV show Shark Tank and these doughnuts have protein!

The Dough Bar is located in California current, but not for much longer. According to the Coloradoan, the production facility will be moving to 501 Riverside in Fort Collins in February. They will also have a retail location to pick up protein packed doughnuts some time in the spring too.  The owners of the Dough Bar Ondrea and Marquez Fernandez took their pitch of protein packed doughnuts to the show "Shark Tank" in 2018 where they were able to secure a $300,000 investment with Barbara Corcoran.

Be on the lookout for the Dough Bar to open in Fort Collins soon!

Source: Coloradoan

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