Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the landscape of Colorado and in November, they're making a triumphant return, kind of.

Jurassic Quest, the #1 Dinosaur experience in North America will be charging its way to Loveland at the Ranch Events Complex on Nov 11-13.

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This was just down in Denver and while I didn't have a chance to experience, I know many that did and the common theme is that it's the most realistic thing to experiencing life with dinosaurs without actually living in a world with dinosaurs millions and millions of years ago.

You can read about and see pictures of dinosaurs but standing next to a life size version of the real thing has got to be next level and that's exactly the kind of stuff that you can feel and experience at Jurassic Quest.

The lineup includes a life size T-Rex, an 80 ft. long Apatosaurus, a 60 ft. long, sky-scraping Spinosaurus among many others.

I mean how awesome does this look?

YouTube/Jurassic Quest


There will be plenty to do and enjoy at the Budweiser Events Center including, your chance to ride a dinosaur, dig for fossils, meet and hold baby dinos and the little ones can get some wiggles out in the bounce houses.

The times will be 9a to 8p Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th and 9a to 5p on Sunday the 13th.

This will be a timed entry event with tickets going for $22 and $19 for seniors. There is also an option for a kids unlimited ticket which will give them unlimited access to everything all day that are going for $36.


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