If you live in the state of Colorado, you probably know about a few of the state's official things such as the state flower or the state bird. Did you know there is a long list of items, animals, and more that make up the list of Colorado's official things? State Symbols USA offers a full list of every state.

What's the Real Meaning Behind the State Flag of Colorado?
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Colorado is one of the few states that has an official state dinosaur. Outside the state lines of Colorado, 13 other states have official state dinosaurs. Colorado's state dinosaur is classified as our official fossil, the Stegosaurus.

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Take a look at the full list of everything that is classified as Colorado's Official

Colorado's Official State Bird - Lark Bunting

Colorado's Official State Amphibian - Western Tiger Salamander

Colorado's Official State Animal - Rocky Mountian Bighorn Sheep

Colorado's Official State Cactus - Claret Cup Cactus

Colorado's Official State Fish - Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Colorado's Official State Flower - Columbine

Colorado's Official State Fossil - Stegosaurus

Fun fact: Colorado is one of the only few states to have an official state fossil that is a dinosaur.

Colorado's Official State Insect - Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly

Colorado's Official State Reptile - Western Painted Turtle

Colorado's Official State Tree - Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado's Official State Summer Heritage Sport - Pack Burro Racing

Colorado's Official State Rock - Yule Marble

Colorado's Official State Museum - Air & Space Museum

Colorado's Official State Nickname - The Centennial State

Colorado's Official State Seal

Colorado's Official State Tartan

Colorado's Official State Mineral - Rhodochrosite

Colorado's Official State Folk Dance - Square Dancing

Colorado's Official State Grass - Blue Grama Grass

Colorado's Official State Gemstone - Aquamarine

Colorado's Official State Song - Where the Columbines Grow

Colorado's Second Official State Song - John Denver's Rocky Mountain High

Pretty interesting, right? A couple of other honorable mentions for "Colorado's Official" include the state pet which is the rescue dog and cat. Colorado's official state soil is unofficially classified as Seitz Soil.

With all of those official classifications, you would be surprised to know that there is no Colorado official state food. There is a great argument for what could be considered the official food for the state of Colorado. The Cheeseburger was invented in Denver, Palisade Peaches could be the state fruit, and green chile could hold its own place in the official state food category as well.

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