It could be possible to start your very own Dutton legacy in 2022 with a massive Colorado cattle ranch. No one can say for sure how large the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch actually is. However, there has been a lot of speculation. It has been mentioned in the show that the property is the size of Rhode Island. The state of Rhode Island is approximately 776,000 square acres, which is pretty huge.

One property in the state of Colorado located between the town of Hartsel and Lake George is listed on Realtor for $26 million. The Elk Mountain Cattle Ranch is approximately 120,000 total acres. This ranch is larger than the size of the city and county of Denver, which is approximately 98,000 acres.

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According to the listing for the Elk Mountain Ranch, the property is in one of the state's largest intermontane grassland basins. This grassland basin has been designated by Congress as a National Heritage Area in 2009. This Colorado ranch is situated within one of only 55 total National Heritage Areas in the United States.

The Elk Mountain Cattle Ranch

There isn't much information as to the five ranch homes on the property. What we do know is that the current livestock operation includes approximately 1,200 mother cows, bulls, and around 500 pairs of bison. The ranch property also features six ponds and the middle fork of the South Platte River.

This ranch, currently the largest plot of land for sale in Colorado, has never been offered for sale since the assembly 40 years ago. take a look at the photos of The Elk Mountain Ranch listed for sale for $26 million.

Could This $26 Million Cattle Ranch Be Colorado's Yellowstone?

The ranch is larger in size than the city and county of Denver, Colorado

If you would like to learn more about The Elk Mountain Cattle Ranch, you can see the full listing on Realtor.

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