Most people in Colorado love Costco. The membership-based shopping experience is fantastic. Bulk shopping, great deals, and a food court is what make Costco one of the biggest chains in the country.

The food court is a favorite amongst Coloradans. Costco's food court is about to be a lot less available to people.

Colorado Costco Food Court Change

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Costco has decided that they will no longer allow non-members to use their food court. If you want to eat at Costco's food court, you better cough up $60 for their membership fee.

Costco's food court has been available for the general public since I can remember. When I was growing up my mom would take us to the Costco food court even when we were not members.

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I am a Costco member now, but as we can imagine, many Coloradans still use Costco's food court despite not having a membership.

By the way, I am still annoyed that Costco has taken the churro off of their menu. Sure the cookies are delicious, but the churro was iconic and I looked forward to eating it every time I would go shopping.

Costco Is Getting More Strict


Costco has been rolling out many different policies this year to maximize profits. It was recently announced that Costco was going to install new membership identification scanners in order to avoid having non-members enter their stores.

It appears as though the cost of Costco's massive deals is catching up with them and they are buckling down on their lenient policies.

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