Your shopping experience at Costco is going to begin to look different in Colorado. Costco is adjusting its policies to ensure that non-members are not able to purchase food and goods from their stores.

There are 16 Costco stores in Colorado and all locations will be implementing a new way to shop soon.

Policy Change at Colorado Costco Stores


Have you noticed that when you go to Costco self-checkout has become more of an emphasis? It is more convenient when you are getting a few things and it has been helping Costco in a major way as well.

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When I have gone to Costco, they check the card before they let you scan yourself out. A new version of that process is coming for all shoppers.

Scanning System Coming to Colorado


There are reports that Costco is trying a new system for when shoppers enter the store and it is only a matter of time until we see this system in place in Colorado.

When you walk into a Costco an employee will check your card. Rather than a human check your card, you will need to scan your card for entry.

This is to reduce the amount of people borrowing other membership cards and use them. We live in a world where if somebody is paying for something, we want to see how we can use it.


There are countless subscription services that we pay for. Many of us will try our best to find a way to bend the rules to not pay. Companies like Costco are cracking down on policy loopholes.

CNN compared Costco to Netflix and mentioned that companies across the nation are trying to eliminate membership sharing.

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