As the Regular Session of the General Assembly continues to roll on, more bills have been added. 

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A recent bill has proposed loosening restrictions on undocumented immigrants being able to acquire a driver’s license. The bill allows these immigrants to obtain a license immediately with the proper paperwork, opposed to the two year waiting period of the past.

Other proposals include bills that would eliminate many hidden fees from many Coloradans’ hotel and concert ticket bills. Another bill looks to completely stop the use of cellphones for adults in cars, with the exception of using hands-free devices. 

However, Colorado has been implementing a lot of gun legislation recently. One bill that took effect on January 1st this year restricted “ghost guns”, which are firearms that are built via kits and cannot be tracked by the government.

In this legislative cycle, there is another proposal that aims to further control guns in Colorado.

Senate Bill 24-066 Looks to Track Firearm and Ammo Purchases

Getty Images // Thomas Cooper
Getty Images // Thomas Cooper

The bill will look to track firearm and ammo purchases by giving them both “Merchant Category Codes”, which are four-digit numbers that payment card companies like Visa to assign each item with said code. 

According to KDVR, these codes are already used on a lot of common goods, and are used by banks and card companies to find credit card fraud. 

Proponents of the bill, like Hudson Munoz, have stated that these codes can help credit card companies and banks find possible criminals who are buying access guns and ammo. 

If anything, they see it as a preventative measure that is similar to a red flag gun law. 

Opponents of the bill, such as Taylor Rhodes of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, believes the bill is a breach of privacy for gun owners. He states that it is a step too far for people who use guns for sport to be tracked by the government. 

The Bill Will Soon be Heading to Jared Polis’ Desk

Getty Images // Michael Ciaglo
Getty Images // Michael Ciaglo

As of this week, the bill is heading to the desk of Jared Polis for approval. 

This was the first gun bill to be introduced in this legislative cycle, with more likely to be coming. 

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