Climbing just ONE 14'er in a day is enough to call for a break and a snack and something that depending on your fitness level and skill level can be felt by your body for a day or two so for someone to do more than one on the same day is pretty darn impressive.

Now, let's amp that up by 11 and have a conversation about this woman by the name of Andrea Sansole who managed to climb TWELVE 14'ers in less than 24 hours. I can't even imagine and don't even know where to begin.

Well maybe we can start by going back to June when she had another incredibly accomplishment by finishing with the most laps at the Manitou Incline, (19 in 24 hours) breaking the record for a woman at the Incline.

 As impressive as that was, there was something even more impressive for Andrea to accomplish and that's where we are now. Thanks to  Fox 31 meteorologist Chris Tomer who documented this incredible accomplishment and originally shared this story. Sansole, who shared with Tomer this message about why she was doing this:    



“This project has been a long time coming and there was so much effort from all ends. I didn’t want to let anyone on support down so when I doubted myself during the hardest moments I just had to do what I knew how to do – and that was hike,” said Andrea Sansone after setting the new overall 14er 24 hour FKT."


  Now, this is something you shouldn't just try on a whim. There are so many factors to consider when going to climb just one 14'er, weather of which is pretty close to the top if not at the very top of the list when it comes to planning your hike.


Weather can change in a flash at that elevation and during the summer, the last place you want to be when a thunderstorm rolls in is on an exposed mountain at or near 14,000 (or any elevation for that matter).

Having an expert meteorologist as a good friend is a sweet way to get the inside scoop on the full weather forecast for something like this but more importantly and more impressively, the determination and physical ability to get this done is just astounding and impressive.      

Here are the 14'ers that Andrea climbed in a grand total of 22 hours and  16 minutes.

Mt Columbia

Mt Harvard

Mt Belford

Mt Oxford

Missouri Mountain

Mt Democrat

Mt Lincoln

Mt Bross

Grays and Torreys

Mt Bierstadt

Mt Evans    


The previous record was 11 in one day and 8 by a woman. Unbelievable. Congratulations Andrea. My legs are sore just writing about this.    



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