Aside from beer, altitude sickness, and of course, marijuana, one of the top things Colorado is best known for is its outdoor recreation- to which a lot of daredevils are attracted.

There are several alpine slides in Colorado, one of which is the Gold Runner Coaster in Breckenridge. When YouTube user Chad Otterstrom and his friends decided to slide down the mountain 7 years ago, some crazy things happened - he just about crashed into several people and saved himself from being ejected out of his slide multiple times (as most of us hope wouldn't happen to us on an alpine slide).

"Although extremely irresponsible, that was an awesome safe [and] the guy bailing from his sled was sure funny. Did his pants rip [from] the fall?" commented one user, painting a pretty good picture of how Chad's excursion went.

"Yep I'm super irresponsible," he replied.

Watch the alpine slide crash video below, and be prepared to cringe and/or sit on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. 

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