Yes, Grand Teton is the most iconic peak in Wyoming, but it's not the tallest. A brand new video shows what the view is like from Wyoming's tallest peak which is 20 feet taller than the tallest in the Tetons.

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The WannaBe Pro YouTube channel just shared a new video showing how they ascended up Gannett Peak, the tallest mountain in Wyoming. It's a daunting 13,804 feet way up in the sky.

They shared some details of what challenges they were facing:

Will the myriad of obstacles, including infinite boulders, snow, bushwhacking, remoteness or dark prevent WannaBe Pro from standing 20 feet higher than the Grand Teton? Or will the Wind Rivers finally give up its crown jewel?

Spoiler Alert: They were successful.

Summit Post has the raw details of what climbing Gannett Peak involves. In short, don't try this feat unless you're a true pro. As he mentions in the video, Gannett Peak isn't in the Tetons. It's a part of the Wind River Range.

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It's not often you see the view from what is literally the top of Wyoming especially this late in the Fall. Congrats to these guys for making it happen and sharing the views for all of us to enjoy.

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