If you are on the hunt for a new place to live in Colorado, there are some places you may want to avoid. Cities and towns with high crime rates, areas with less than desirable school districts, and other various factors could all come into play when looking for a new place to call home for your family.


Recently, 247wallst.com came out with a new list of the worst places to live in every state. Where is Colorado's worst place to live? According to 247wallst.com, it is Clifton.

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Clifton, Colorado sandwiched between /tags/grand-junction/ and Palisade on the western slope with a population of 20,122. It's not the small-town living that gives Clifton the infamous ranking of the worst place to live in the state of Colorado. There are many other factors that have earned this small western Colorado town the ranking.

Why is Clifton, Colorado such a bad place to live?

Clifton, Colorado has a higher-than-average poverty rate, low household median income, and lower-than-average home values. Based on 22 factors of measure, this is what 247wallst.com shows for the data:

  • Poverty rate: 17.6%
  • Median home value: $166,900
  • Median household income: $49,350
  • Drug-inducted mortality: 25.5 deaths per 100,000

While Clifton, Colorado has a below-average rate of poverty, home value, and income compared to the rest of the state, Clifton is doing better than the state average when it comes to drug-induced mortality rates.

Clifton's rate for drug-induced mortality is 25.5 deaths per 100,000, while Colorado's overall state average is 26.5 deaths per 100,000. If you would like to see the worst towns to live in every state, you can visit 247wallst.com.

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