Hiding things in secret places seems to be an ongoing theme here in Northern Colorado.

The Fort Collins History Connection tells a story from 1836 where trapper Antoine Janis and his caravan captain father dug a large, deep, cellar-like pit to hide goods that could be spared after the area was hit with a snowstorm. The lads from the American Fur company filled in the pit, placing a pile of brush placed on top, and burned it to make it appear as if it was an old campsite in order to deter Native Americans and thieves. When Janis and his father (and company) returned later in the season, they went back to the pit to dig up goods that had been safely hidden. Much of what was hidden happened to be gun powder, which is where the term "Cache La Poudre" comes from - a French phrase signifying "where powder was hidden."

Today, what Northern Colorado is hiding is much different than gun powder.

Sure, recreational marijuana is legal, but not everyone's parents from in or out of state like the idea of their son or daughter hittin' a bong on the daily. So I ventured into Hobby Lobby to check out some stylish ways closet stoners can hide their weed when mom and dad come to visit (not for myself...haha). Check them out below!

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