Using his unique medium of rock balancing, Boulder artist, Michael Grab, honored the individuals whose lives' were lost in recent mass shooting that occurred in Colorado last week.

The meaningful tribute was installed in a creek that flows through the heart of Boulder. According to 9News, Grab stacked ten rock pillars across the middle of the creek, to symbolize the ten victims who no longer call Boulder home. The artist explained that this was the most natural way he could express his grief regarding the incident, while also memorializing the victims. It took two days to complete the rock garden, and once it was done, Grab stood by to make sure that none of the structures fell down. He also talked to visitors that stopped by on Saturday, taking time to grieve alongside them.

The stacked stones will only serve as a temporary memorial and will eventually be dismantled. Grab shared the coordinates of the installation Facebook page. A video of the moving rock garden is also available to watch on his social media.

Through his art, Grab hopes to provide a way for people to heal, and understand that in a world of darkness there is still beauty. Grab has been practicing rock balancing for the past 13 years and shares his artistic creations under the name Gravity Glue.

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