Live vicariously through CSU Athletics as both the men's basketball team and football team are on tropical getaways to hopefully bring home some wins.

CSU Football Looks for an Island Win

CSU Football hopped the plane for Hawai'i on Wednesday as they head into their second to last game of the season.

In a season that has been incredibly frustrating for fans, it's difficult to get excited for the last two games of the slated regular season. With Hawai'i this weekend (Nov. 20) and Nevada set as the last matchup of the season, CSU's best bet for one last win of the season is against Hawai'i.

With Hawai'i sitting at 4-7 on the season and CSU at 3-7, this is the Rams' chance to add one more notch to their win column.

Where the Rams have struggled the most is in play calling. It's difficult to pin it ultimately on the offense or the defensive, but predictable play-calling has just taken the air out of Colorado State's tires.

They are going to need aggressive and exciting play-calling coupled with the strong defense we saw last season in order to bring home a win from Hawai'i. And for them to have anything resembling a fighting chance against Nevada.

3-0 CSU Men's Basketball Looking to Dominate Paradise Jam

Rough life in the Virgin Islands for CSU men's basketball!

The Rams, 3-0 to start of their season, will have a weekend full of tropical basketball as they kick off the competition with Bradley on Friday, Nov. 19. Their success at the tournament will set the tone for the remainder of their non-conference schedule when they return.

All games will be available on ESPN3 and ESPN+ as well as broadcasted on Townsquare Media's Power 102.9.

When Will Both Teams Be Home?

CSU football will have their final game of the season back home at Canvas Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 27 against Nevada. CSU men's basketball will be back in Moby Arena to host Northern Colorado on Saturday, Nov. 27 as well.

CSU Rams Fans Through the Years

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