The Colorado Rockies have had a less-than-stellar past few seasons - and that's putting it nicely.

Fortunately, a fresh start with a brand new season is right around the corner.

A lot can happen over 162 games, and while it's impossible to predict the future, pre-season projections are a good indicator of how a team might fare throughout the year.

The Rockies had a rough '23 season, finishing with a 59-103 record and landing last in the NL West. However, many sources, including Sports Illustrated and PECOTA, predicted that would be the case before the season even began.

As for the 2024 season, here's what some of the country's top sports and stats experts say regarding how the Rockies will likely rank among the rest of the MLB teams.


FanGraphs focuses on statistics for Major and Minor League baseball, using methods of statistical analysis, graphs, and projections to reach their findings. The site always publishes a predicted depth chart for the upcoming MLB season. According to current calculations, FanGraphs has the Rockies finishing last in the league with a 63-99 record – oof.


An acronym for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, PECOTA is a baseball projection system, known for forecasting team records for the season to come. According to PECOTA, the Rox will finish last in their division this year. As far as regular season games, PECOTA predicts the Rockies will win approximately 57.3 games and lose 104.7. Furthermore, this site says there's a zero percent chance of the Rockies making it to the playoffs.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Stats experts at FanDuel Sportsbook recently released their predictions for projected wins total for the 2024 MLB season. Sadly, this site has the Rockies winning a total of just 59.5 games, and finishing 29th out of 30 teams.


RotoChamp determines their preseason projected standings by compiling stats from Baseball Prospectus, Davenport, FiveThirtyEight, and FanGraphs. As you can probably guess, based on what some of these sources have already predicted, RotoChamp's ranking for the Rockies is within the same range. Like FanGraphs, they believe the Rox will end the season with a 63-99 record.

Pro Sports Fanatics

Unfortunately, the folks at Pro Sports Fanatics had nothing nice to say about the Rockies in their 2024 MLB Projected Standings. Not only do they have the Rockies finishing last in the NL West, but Pro Sports Fanatics also made statements like "The Colorado Rockies are going to be one of the worst teams in baseball this year, a title they became familiar with in 2023," and "Colorado’s pitching was never good, but elbow surgeries to some proven starters have only made it worse." The only glimmer of hope is the mention of the lineup producing runs at Coors Field.

Many agree that a rebuild is desperately needed in Colorado.

Here's hoping the Blake Street Bombers can prove the projections wrong and have a much better season than expected.

The Rockies' first regular season game is March 28 against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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