Video games are often set in real places. It is cool when you are playing a game and you recognize a famous landmark or place. Typically those landmarks are in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York City.

Every once in a while, there will be a video game set in Colorado.

For example, South Park's most recent video game was set in Colorado. The first Red Dead Redemption was famously set in Colorado, and of course, the Denver Broncos and Mile High Stadium are a staple in the Madden franchise.

Another video game will take partially take place in Colorado and sports fans across the nation can not wait for its release.

College Football 25 To Feature Colorado Schools

Colorado State v Colorado
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Football fans have been eagerly waiting for the next installment of EA Sports College Football 25.

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The game was announced recently and football fans across the globe are excited.

All FBS schools will be featured in the game. That means that many Colorado colleges will be featured in the game.

These schools will be featured.

  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • Colorado State
  • Air Force
  • Wyoming

Yes, we know that the University of Wyoming is not in Colorado, but it is certainly worth a mention.

This means that Folsom Field, Canvas Stadium, Falcon Stadium, and War Memorial Stadium will all have real-life depictions featured in a video game.

Game Will Be Different Than In the Past

USC v Colorado
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If you have played these games before you know that the players are similar, but not at the same time. That is because players could not have their likeness reflected in the game.

For example, college football legend Tim Tebow was known as QB #15. That is different now. 10,000 players have opted into the game and will financially benefit from their likeness.

Shilo Sanders, son of Deion Sanders, and a Colorado Buffalo player recently announced he will be in the game. Expect the majority of your favorite college football players to be featured.

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