Modern technology is constantly changing and evolving. The use of artificial intelligence is changing Colorado quickly and it will not slow down anytime soon.

Whenever there is a major technological breakthrough, the technology evolves more rapidly.

AI is integrated into our lives via customer service, our cell phones, and chatbots like Chat GPT. We even see artificial intelligence drive vehicles on the roads in Colorado. Is the beauty industry next? It looks like it.

AI Manicures Coming to Colorado

Youtube Screenshot: Clockwork
Youtube Screenshot: Clockwork

I was on TikTok doomscrolling recently and I came across a video that immediately grabbed my attention.

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Like you, and other Coloradans, catching my attention is hard to do on social media.

The video is of a person getting a manicure without any humans involved.

Six Target stores across the nation installed robotic manicure stations. The machine uses AI and 3D tech to perform a manicure in just ten minutes. You pick the polish you would like, pay the machine, stick your hand in, and receive a manicure.

About Clockwork: The Company

There are six Clockwork robotic nail salons across the country. There are none in Colorado quite yet, however, the company is expanding quickly and it is only a matter of time before this nail salon, powered by artificial intelligence, opens its doors.

Well, we wouldn't say doors. I guess we would say, gets plugged in?

According to their website, these machines remove old polish, file your nails, shape your nails, and then paint them.

I do not get my nails done, but we can imagine you must keep your hands steady. You will not have anyone to tell you that you need to keep your fingers straight.

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