With the winter months seemingly in our rearview mirrors this year, I cannot help but chuckle a little bit inside when I hear people who have moved from out of state to Colorado talk about the weather. This past weekend was the last weekend in April and some people who are relatively new to Colorado couldn't believe it could snow this late in the season.

Yep. It happens, every year. Welcome to Colorado. Things are just a bit different in Colorado. The climate is drier, the craft beer flows like a raging waterfall, and we love everything about our state.

Social media and YouTube sensation, Dude Dad, calls Northern Colorado home and he just dropped a new video called "Colorado Transplant School" and we have to say, it's pretty much spot on.

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Dude Dad starts the video by handing out complementary chapstick and then proceeds to give another one out as everyone in Colorado is prone to losing the first tube. The skit also touches on the pronunciation of specific places in Colorado. The highlight for us was: how do you pronounce Cache la Poudre River? The correct answer is the Poudre.

Another subject of the Colorado Transplant School is your new favorite sports teams.

  • The Denver Broncos
  • The Colorado Avalanche
  • The Denver Nuggets

To which the student asks, didn't you forget the Rockies? Nope. Not at all. As we all know, the Rockies have been kind of an embarrassment to Colorado fans for a few years and it is just best to ignore them all together.

Check out the video from Dude Dad below if you want a good laugh.

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