The Denver city counsel voted to repeal a 30-year-old ban on Pit Bull breeds on Monday night (Feb. 10).

The Denver City Counsel repealed the cities ban, replacing the law with a "breed restricted" plan. Denver 7 best explains it as "probation" for the breed. The dogs owner must register it with Denver Animal Protection as well as a "breed-restricted" license.


The owner will also have to provide the name and home address of the dog, plus two emergency contacts, an accurate description of the pit bull and proof that the animal was micro-chipped and had received an up-to-date rabies vaccination.


Some other restrictions in the new plan include:

*Only two pit bulls per household

*If the dog escapes or bites someone the owner must notify animal protection within 8 hours.

*If the dog dies, or the owner moves to a different location the owner must notify animal protection within 24 hours.

Source: Denver 7

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