Have you ever seen a wild horse before? I have and they are majestic. Coming back from our getaway in New Mexico over Labor Day weekend we saw a group of wild horses in the San Luis Valley and they were simply stunning. The population of wild horses and burros has gotten out of hand recently and the Bureau of Land Management needs your assistance on taking care of these animals.

Trump Bureau Of Land Management Budget Seeks To Cull U.S. Wild Horses
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Currently, there is a program where qualified adopters can take in one of these horses or burrow and receive up to $1,000. Adopters are eligible to receive $500 within 60 days of adoption of a wild horse or burro and an additional $500 within 60 days of tilting the animal.

The reason why the adoption program has been enacted is due to the overpopulation of these wild animals and to protect public rangelands. If you would like to know more about how you can adopt a wild horse or burrow, you can visit BLM's website to start the adoption process.


Source: BLM 

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