Wyoming forensic scientists are helping solve wildlife criminal cases in Colorado.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Wildlife Forensic Laboratory have assisted in poaching, trespassing and even predator attack investigations.

The new (2018) Laramie laboratory serves 12 states, including Wyoming.

CBS4 reported that Tasha Bauman, the Forensic Program Manager for Wyoming Game and Fish, said most investigations involve elk and deer, but also bears and mountain lions.

The lab in Laramie was created for a university study program, but is now used for multiple investigations as DNA evidence became more central to cases.

CBS4 also reported that "while the lab workers primarily work on cases involving the prosecution of humans, many times they also use their expertise to identify an animal in predator attack investigations".

The lab has solved cases such as the mountain lion child attack here in Colorado.

The Wildlife Forensic Lab is in negotiations to serve two more states.

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