Wolves were officially reintroduced to Colorado in late 2023. There have been plenty of debates about whether or not the reintroduction has been a good idea. T

wo calves have been killed due to wolves recently and ranchers have been outraged.

Ranchers understand that wolves need to eat, however, they do not want their livestock served as a main course. The first reported death of a wolf has been made.

Colorado Wolf: About the Death


KDVR reports that there are now only 9 wolves in Colorado after a wolf was found dead on April 23.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service emphasized that wolves are an endangered species and are protected by the government. They did not find any foul play and believe that the wolf died of natural causes.

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Those causes have not been announced, but there will be an autopsy to determine the official cause of death.

Where the Wolf Was Found

The wolf was found in Larimer County. The wolf traveled over 100 miles since it was reintroduced in late 2023.

A second wolf was found dead in Elbert County in early April, however, that wolf was not part of the official reintroduction.

Colorado Reacts to Wolf Death


Of course, theories are floating around online about whether or not this specific death was caused by foul play.

There has been no announcement of exactly where the wolf death happened, so we can not identify whether the death happened on a property or public area.

Again, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service emphasized that the wolf's death was caused by natural causes. We will update you once they provide more information.

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