Being in a landlocked state, you are pretty limited in your choice of fresh seafood options. Sure, you could catch a rainbow trout or two and cook them up for dinner. But something about Colorado trout just doesn't sit right with me when I want good seafood. With that in mind, where do you go to get a fresh catch in Colorado?

When you are looking for only the best seafood options, you are going to have to take a drive down to the Denver metro area to get your seafood. However, all those miles you are going to put on your car will be well worth it.

Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market Facebook
Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market Facebook

This spot is known far and wide for its fresh selection of seafood that is flown in daily from all over the world. King Salmon from Nelson, New Zealand, Tilapia from Costa Rica, Uni from Japan, and so on. The selection of seafood is probably the freshest you can get in the landlocked state of Colorado.

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Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market in Lakewood, Colorado

Perusing Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market's Facebook page will make you hungry and the fish and fresh food aren't even perfectly cooked yet. Speaking of cooking seafood, that is all up to you. You can cook the seafood from Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Markey however you like.


Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market Facebook
Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market Facebook

The Shelves at Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market in Lakewood have seafood and other tasty selections from around the world: Italian pasta, sushi-making supplies, and ingredients for one of my all-time favorite dishes, paella. Tom's Seafood and Gourmet Market is located at 767 South Xenon Court in Lakewood, Colorado. Take a look at their Facebook page, or visit to see what kind of amazing seafood they have available before you go as their selection is always changing depending on the season.

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