With the average price of regular unleaded in the state of Colorado being $3.15, residents want to be able to save at the pump whenever possible. Just a mere ten cents less a gallon will save someone with a fifteen-gallon gas tank $1.50.

For those who drive quite a bit during the week, that ten cents per gallon can add up quickly. Just for sheer ease and numbers purposes, let's say you have a fifteen-gallon tank for this example.

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What if I told you that you could save around $7.20 every time you fill your tank in Northern Colorado? You would jump right on it. Two gas stations in Northern Colorado currently have cheap gas. Cheap considering the current state average at this point.

Northern Colorado gas stations with the cheapest gas

You can pretty much consider these two gas stations having a gas sale in Northern Colorado and they are not where you expect. Coming in 48 cents lower per gallon than the Colorado average, these two gas stations are selling regular unleaded at $2.67.

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When we were all patiently awaiting the opening of Colorado's first Buc-ee's location, we all heard that the Texas-based gas station may have higher than usual gas prices. Why? Because they could and it is essentially a tourist destination for all intents and purposes.

Dave Jensen/TSM
Dave Jensen/TSM

While Buc-ee's may end up having more expensive gas in the future, they are one of two gas stations in Northern Colorado with the cheapest gas at $2.67 per gallon for regular unleaded.

The other gas station in Northern Colorado with the cheapest gas has the same price and is right across the street from Buc-ee's. Loaf N' Jug on the north side of Highway 60 is also offering regular unleaded gas at $2.67 per gallon for regular unleaded. So the next time you need a cheap tank of gas, you might want to head to one of these two gas stations when you need to fill up. Of course, gas prices do fluctuate often. You can always check gasbuddy.com for up-to-date prices on gasoline pretty much anywhere you go in the state of Colorado.

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