Windsor Severance Fire Rescue responded to a call this week regarding a sky lantern that had landed on a structure on Main Street. 

Sky lanterns, while they may seem pretty, are actually illegal and very dangerous in our hot, dry Colorado summer climate.

WSFR posted the following on their Facebook page:

Last night WSFR was called to a report of a burning object floating through the sky and landing on a commercial structure roof on Main Street... it was determined the object was a sky lantern.

Windsor Police have also recently had reports of the lanterns in the New Windsor area. These lanterns are ILLEGAL in any portion of WSFR’s fire district due to the fire hazard they present. The lanterns can fly up to 3,000 feet into the air and stay afloat for up to ten minutes, or whenever the flame burns out.


According to WSFR, a single sky lantern started a 500-acre fire in Washington a few years ago, and similarly, 800 acres recently burned in South Carolina after one lantern landed in dry bush.

So... cool it with the lanterns, please. 

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