Like every other city and town in Northern Colorado, Windsor is taking steps to expand to keep up with population growth.

Windsor welcomed over 20,000 new residents in the last 20 years. Windsor has made changes but is trying to solve one major problem.

Parking in Downtown Windsor, Colorado

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A major problem with downtown Windsor is the parking situation. I've noticed because our building is located in downtown Windsor.

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I spend a lot of time here. When I want to go to the pet store, grab a quick coffee, or go to the barber, I typically walk from work because I do not want to spend a bunch of time finding a parking spot.

Plus, I could use some exercise. New Year's resolution, right?

Here is what Windsor posted on their Facebook page.

As Windsor looks towards the future, there are always ideas floating around about how to best enhance the downtown area. One of those ideas is implementing a downtown parking management plan. Regardless of what your feelings are towards our downtown parking situation, your opinion is valuable when hearing ideas on how to mitigate it.

The Town of Windsor Needs Your Opinion

Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of Earth
Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of Earth

Windsor Project Connect is asking residents for their thoughts and opinions on how to make the parking situation better. This is great. Typically, cities and towns will make changes without asking residents.

Windsor Project Connect is working to identify key priorities and fix problems for the long term. As I said earlier, the population of Windsor is continuing to grow and looks like it will continue to do so.

If you are interested in making your voice heard, you can submit your thoughts here.

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