If you have seen a bald eagle before, you know how special of an experience it can be. The bald eagle is the national bird of our country and is a symbol of freedom.

You should try to get a picture of a bald eagle whenever you see one because seeing one can be quite rare.

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You Will Likely See Bald Eagles in Colorado During This Time of Year


You might be wondering when you are most likely going to see a bald eagle in Colorado. The Gazette says that you are most likely going to see a bald eagle from November to March every year.

Also, roughly 1,000 bald eagles migrate to Colorado.

One Spot in Windsor, Colorado, Is A Bald Eagle Hotspot


TikTok user @juliesauter let us know the best place in Northern Colorado to spot a bald eagle. She sees a bald eagle nearly daily at Kyger Open Space & Trail in Windsor.

Kyger Open Space is an approximately 150-acre parcel west of downtown Windsor that is on the northwest corner of State Highway 392/Main Street and WCR-13/Colorado Boulevard. The property contains a water storage reservoir and associated pump infrastructure, open fields, drainages and wetlands, open fields, and paved and unpaved trails. - Windsor Project Connect

Julie walks with her dogs and sees at least one bald eagle in the same tree daily.

Significance of Seeing a Bald Eagle


Although it is not uncommon to see a bald eagle in Northern Colorado, it is less likely than in other parts of Colorado. When bald eagles migrate through Colorado, they typically like to hang out around Pueblo.

Insane Bald Eagle Footage Captured on YouTube

Take a look at what goes on inside of a Bald Eagle nest!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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