Todd was press box announcer for Utah State game
Todd Harding, TSM

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the press box sitting high above Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium?  I know the answer to that because I have the privilege of doing just that.  I am the announcer who relays stats and information to the reporters and NFL scouts who are in the press box.

It's probably not as exciting as you might think. Yes, there are some advantages.

1.  Most of us sit on the 50-yard-line.
2. They feed you.
3.  They provide you with stats from the game you are watching and scores from games around the country.
4. We are protected from the weather.

There are a couple disadvantages:

1.  There is no cheering.  It's one of the announcements I have to make at every game. It is a working press box and you will be kicked out if you root for either team.
2.  You are pretty far away from the field. Sometimes my aging eyes have a hard time spotting the ball.
3.  You just don't get the same feel of being at the game as you do sitting in the stands.

Sometimes you run into some pretty cool people.  This last game I saw CSU volleyball coach Tom Hilbert, former CSU athletic director Jack Graham, and Channel 4 commentator and voice of the CSU Rams, Gary Miller.  It is a very businesslike atmosphere, but if you really want to enjoy the game, your best seat is among the fans.

I have the privilege of watching the Rams beat Utah State Saturday night. I took a couple photos:

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