When you enter the Lory Student Center on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, look up. You will see a Ram's Head, built with 4,213 acrylic rods – 2,782 green and 1,431 clear – suspended from the ceiling by four stainless steel rods. The piece of artwork weighs roughly 1,650 pound.

The 12-foot-diameter piece is held together by two half-moon frames, cradling a polycarbonate template that holds the rods in place. Because of the student center’s curved ceiling, every rod sits at a 15-degree angle. Despite what everyone thinks, it is not a chandelier. The Ram Head is lit only by ambient light from nearby windows.

The Ram's Head logo was created by Xibitz, an organization that specializes in designing experiential spaces. This YouTube video made by CSU shows how the unique display was put together:

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