The storm on Monday seemed to come out of nowhere, but with the warmer temperatures comes the increased chance of severe storms, including tornados.

I’ve never heard a tornado siren myself, but I can only imagine the panic it must set off inside a person when they hear it go off. Those alarms did go off on Monday, June 7, 2021, in Platteville, as what they are calling a ‘weak’ tornado touched down.

Professionals will be coming to the Platteville area to access the damage and make an official determination, but I’ve seen some saying it looks like it was close to an EF (Enhanced Fujita scale) -1 tornado (EF-1) with winds ranging from 86-110 mph.

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Though it was a ‘weak’ tornado, that probably didn’t make it any less scary for people living in the area of it, especially when the tornado sirens start to whine. Tornado sirens last for five minutes, which probably seems like forever. A Twitter user posted a video of the tornado with the sirens wailing, which is below.

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