University of Colorado Boulder researchers have developed an artificially intelligent app that lets people get help for mental health discreetly and give clinicians assistance when diagnosing mental illnesses.

By definition, AI are machines that learn by analyzing data, so CU Research Professor Peter Foltz developed the app to analyze and compare users data to help more people get help when they need it.

KXMH reports that "Foltz said therapists diagnose patients largely based on how they talk, and the app works the same way by analyzing a patient's language, memory, and other tasks. It asks users to tell them how they feel about a picture, retell a story, and tap to a beat to track their motor control."

The data collected could identify behavioral patterns to better diagnose a patient.

Researchers say the goal is not to replace clinicians with robots, but to help identify changes in a person's demeanor and assist clinicians with that information.

KXMH reports that "Foltz said, 'there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. I still see these technologies as being five to ten years out.'"

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