I was doing that thing, you know, looking thru the various webs the internet weaves. Oh come on you've done it, go to look a cooking temp or movie times and end up reading about Miley Cyrus or bed bugs, this time I ran across a Huffington Post article on why we should eat a plant based diet-what!?


  • (here's a compelling and motivating one to give up cheeseburgers) It's good for your health!
  • It's easier to lose weight, yep you can eat like 5 times more veggies than all the other crap... (hey, I'm not making this up, but seriously you can eat 8 cups of veggies and 2 apples for the calories in your Value Menu Meal)
  • It's good for the environment, it takes a lot of energy and resources to produce just one pound of meat, now if we just ate the grains ourselves... I'm just saying that's what they say
  • It saves you money, a fast food meal for four is up-words of $24 bucks a veggie meal for a family of four, about $10 bucks!
  • (here's the reason that will change your ways) You're not participating in animal cruelty! I am not a bad person and I don't wish animal cruelty on any animal and I am quite picky in the meat that I do eat, even our eggs are from a Fort Collins resident that has taken matters into his own hands and raises his own chickens, but please, this is a top reason not to eat meat? More and more "meat growers" :) are using more and more humane ways of raising and ________ our meat.

Whether you choose to eat meat or go more for the veggie style of life, more power to you... be healthy and educated-that's what will always win over anyone's opinion


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