With temperatures reaching the 70s this week, it finally feels like spring has sprung in northern Colorado. Instead of spending their days cooped up inside, people are starting to take advantage of the warmer weather by doing more things outdoors. Something else that comes with this, that many people look forward to, is planting a garden and reaping the benefits all summer long. It's super rewarding to start with seeds, and watch them sprout into flowers, veggies and fruit and if you need help starting your garden, Fort Collins' Old Town Library has got you covered.

New this year, the community Seed Library gives people the opportunity to check out packets of seeds, much like they would with books, and take them home to plant in their gardens. It's a simple and fun process, and all they ask is that people record what seeds they take in the logbook, so that the library has a way of replenishing the supply. Since people obviously can't return the seeds once they're underneath the dirt, the library is encouraging gardeners to let their plants grow to maturity, harvest the seeds, and then bring them back to the library as a donation for future borrowers to check out.

According to the library's website, the idea came together from combined efforts of local partners and master gardeners, who want to promote seed sharing, seed saving, and community participation in gardening. A variety of different seeds were donated to the library courtesy of local gardeners, seed companies, and area businesses and the collection continues to grow.

The Seed Library is located on the first floor at the Old Town Library and is available to the entire community – not just library card-holders.

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